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Samson's Weight

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Alot of people with puppies have been asking if their puppy is at the right weight so I figured I would make a blog with Samson's weights at different ages for later reference.

4 months: 21 lbs

5 months: 25 lbs

6 months: 28 lbs

7 months: 35 lbs

11 months: 45 lbs

One and a half years: 50 lbs

2.5 years on average of 55lbs


  1. Luvin My Bullie's Avatar
    glad you posted this Chaos is 4 months and 20 lbs, so looks like hes no doing that bad after all
  2. karenben's Avatar
    lol annie is 10 months and is 26.6k which is roughly 581bs i was thinking she was getting too heavy but vet says she just right better keep an eye on her though,she has a lot of growing to do ,she may become the obess bully from blackpool,!!!,karen
  3. Suzy2's Avatar
    Dexter was 26kg at seven months, he's a big boy!!!!!
  4. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Yay..thanks for doing this. Just took Jake for weigh in.he is almost 5 months and weighs 27. I was a tad bit concerned when comparing his weight to his brothers..thanks again..feel much better!
  5. bullmama's Avatar
    Great idea Tessa!
  6. mamamia's Avatar
    Thanks! Snooki is right on schedule at 4 months and 22 lbs
  7. KMARINO's Avatar
    This is a great idea, especially with those with new pups! I can just about follow this with Vegas adding about 5 lbs. to each age. At the age of 2 he has maintained 61-63 for the last 5-6 months.
  8. ChunkysMom's Avatar
    My Chunky is 11 weeks and 18 pounds. Do you think she is overweight?
    Updated 05-03-2011 at 10:26 AM by ChunkysMom
  9. Saludvax's Avatar
    Hi all, this is my first time here.. I have to say I'm a bit speechless.. my little Chloe just turn 5 months on saturday and she weighs in at a whopping 14.8 lbs.. I know, she's tiny. the vet says she is healthy and very well proportioned for her size, just small for her age.. she was the runt of the litter at half the size of her brothers but the parents were small to begin with,Mom was 45lbs and dad was 50. I wonder how small she will stay.. it's like having a pocket bulldog
  10. korikelly's Avatar
    Lola is 24.6 pounds at four months. I was hoping she'd stay on the small side. Mom is about 45 pounds, but Dad is a beast at 70+. He has the most massive chest I've ever seen!