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Riding in Vehicles??

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Does anybody have any suggestions for helping Gia (my bullie) like the car rides?? I've tried giving her the whole backseat.....I've tried putting her in a kennel ......I've tried giving her a "special" bone and kong w/ goodies.....But she just gets so anxious, won't sit down, lay down...even when I know she's exhausted!

And we're going to do fun things when we go, like going to the baseball game, or puppy kindergarton, or petsmart, so it's not like she's going to the dreaded vet or groomer! haha.


  1. goobers mom's Avatar
    Have you tried very short trips like just around the block and maybe to the nearest Mcdonalds just for a small treat, and make each trip alittle longer
  2. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Are drugs out of the question? Hmmm..maybe for you but then Gia would have to drive!:*(
  3. karenben's Avatar
    try just sitting in the car with the door open and her on leash a few times then a few times with the radio on then a few with the engine on,a bit time consuming i know but it may help,also dont talk to her your just feeding her anxiety ignore her,hard to do i know,let her help herself into the car,i dont mean jump in but let her put her front paws in then help her behind in lol,hope theres some helpfull suggestions ,its nice to take a ride with a bully in the car,karen
  4. cavbike's Avatar
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