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Noticed Small Growth on the Right Side of My baby's face

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Hi all and was wondering if all my fellow bully friends can help :)

I noticed a small sized "growth" on my Capone's face and of course will be taking him to the Vet however, before that happens, I was wondering if anyone out there has had similar with their babies or could tell me if they are familiar at all ???? Look forward to hearing from my fellow bulldoggie owners :) THANK YOU


  1. Top Dog's Avatar
    Could it be a tick? Can you take a picture of it?
  2. Capone'sMom's Avatar
    I can try it kinda looks like it would be a birthmark but no hair is growing out of it !!
  3. Capone'sMom's Avatar
    [B]@TOPDOG[/B] kinda looks like this...[B]NOT RED AT ALL THOUGH [/B]- it is a flesh color - no hair growth on it and it is about the size of a dime - a little "puffed out" (at times it goes into his folds and you cannot see it-other times it is very prominent. (i took this pic off of the internet as my camera's pics come out to big and does not allow me to put on here)
    ok just realized that I dont know how do i post the pic on the "blog" section .....ugh!!!!! I will try to send it to your "messages"
  4. Capone'sMom's Avatar the link and go down to "cysts" - then above message will make some sense

  5. roanne9145's Avatar
    Where do I find the picture of it?
  6. Capone'sMom's Avatar
    so good news....turns out that the growth on my Capone's face was nothing major...yipeee
    Im still keeping an eye on it but thank goodness its not anything ...thank u to those who wrote
  7. Champ's Avatar
    YAY! Glad to hear you got good news!
    My sisser Girl has skin tags all over her body. She has a black one on her face and everybudy finks it's a tick and tries to pull it off! She just had 2 large ones removed from her leg...although they weren't cancerous or anything, they had started to get big and itchy. xoxo-Champsky
  8. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Glad to hear it!