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April 8th 2010 7:30am

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This morning Vegas slept in late. Orion and I got up with the alarm and we came downstairs to let her out. Once back inside, Orion was looking all over for Vegas. Finally Vegas came down the stairs, but went right into his kennel to lay down. I went upstairs and got into the shower. I left Orion upstairs running back and forth with a toy. Once I finished blow drying my hair..I decided to feed them. Usually it's 8am, but I've been working an earlier I decided that it was breakfast time. Once I hit the bottom of the stairs, I heard a bunch of noise. I thought my MIL was up, but once I turned the was Vegas. He was just starting to have a seizure. He was on his belly..his body almost forming an O. His paws were flailing and hitting the wall...that was the racket I was hearing. I helped him straighten out...then the actual seizing started. It lasted probably about a minute. He got up fairly quickly and responded to me fairly quickly. I continued in the process of feeding them. He followed my "sit, stay" command just fine. He ate with gusto.

I have to say that I was impressed with Orion. I did not have time to kennel her when I discovered his situation. Orion first thought he was playing. So, she crouched down in the pounce position. When Vegas didn't respond to her, she straightened up and tried to sniff him. She ran to her kennel several times, then ran back to me. I calmly told her to sit and that everything was okay. She responded well and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Vegas stayed in his kennel until his grandma came home. He's been very playful and he's recovered well.

What could have been the trigger? I don't know. I was told that Vegas got very excited when our pooper scooper came by and his daddy was outside talking to him. But enough to cause this? He also fell down the stairs a few days ago. Not fell, I should say he toppled. His back end went up over his head in a somersault he was chasing Orion over a rope. We have know put a gate at both the top and bottom. They are no longer allowed on the stairs. Vegas could have easily busted his back.

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