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Moe's 2 Apr Vet Visit

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Made an appt for Moe due to his left Cherry Eye... it was not only out, but was looking a bit irritated, and our attempts to use a warm compress was not working, and rubbing it back in proved to be a very temporary fix. The eye was checked for any scratches, and it was fine, so the vet gave us some antibiotic/steroid gel, and referred us to a Dog Optomistrist, the only one on the island, who is very experienced at conducting the cherry eye surgery. She is so booked though that we will not be able to schedule the procedure for a couple months, but our vet told us that is probably for the best since it would give us a chance to determine if the other eye will need to be done as well, and we could accomplish the nuetering as well.

The following morning after using his eye medicine, his cherry eye was gone, but within 5 minutes of being up and about, it was back.

On a good note, the spots we were previously worried about on his back have all grown back, and his fur looks great. He also weighed in at 38 pounds... it is mind boggling how fast he's growing.


  1. Lucy-licious's Avatar
    Lucy's cherry eye popped a lot when she was tiny, mostly we managed it with warm compress and massage, though twice we had drops to help. It hasn't popped now for 5months though so hopefully surgery will be avoidable for us :) hoping that maybe it will happen less often for Moe too :)
  2. ChunkysMom's Avatar
    How old was Moe and Lucy when you noticed their cherry eye?
    Updated 05-03-2011 at 10:34 AM by ChunkysMom
  3. Telly03's Avatar
    @ChunkysMom Moe was 3 months. At first a warm compress was enough to put it back in place, but it became more persistent. Massaging it back in also worked for a bit, but became a losing battle.