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March 5th 2011

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I had to work today...and it's really hard for me to be quiet in the morning. Not often do I get up before my hubby, but today was one of them. By 8am, I needed to get into the shower, so all 3 of us went upstairs and woke daddy up. Vegas was lifted onto the bed and Orion jumped up on her own. Then the squabbling started and Vegas got excited and started bouncing on the bed. He literally bounced himself off the bed and landed on his back. Luckily he landed on his bed that I have on the floor beside our bed. He didn't seem stunned or hurt.
Orion was being a pickle all day...and Vegas was teasing her. Nothing out of the ordinary..but I guess at 3pm Vegas had a seizure. Mark said it was mostly facial but he remained standing up! Usually he falls over. No post seizure stuff. He was fine by the time I got home from work at 6:30.


  1. LisaMarie's Avatar
    Thats gotta be hard on you having to see your bullie go through that. What do you have to do when this happens??How often does this happen to him??
  2. Libra926's Avatar
    Usually it's about one a month. But I record every single episode that I witness here. It's been 4 days since his last one. I usually just watch him closely and help him remain upright during the seizure. After wards, he just needs to be monitored if he paces. Sometimes he doesn't have any post seizure side effects..and he just goes on with his activities.
  3. mamamia's Avatar
    Poor Vegas..... I absolutely love his youtube videos. He is such an amazing dog. Would love to hear how you were able to teach him all these tricks.