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March 1st 2011 8am

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Vegas was woken up early by the stupid dog next door. I mean really! Your dog has been barking for over 30 minutes and you are going to ignore him at 6:30 in the morning?

That is my biggest pet peeve! I was standing at my back slider for the majority of time wondering if I should walk the next street over and pound on their door to let them know their dog was barking. You know, point out the obvious?!?

So, Vegas gets up and comes downstairs and goes right into his kennel. I don't blame him. I hate the dog-barking alarm clock also. I'm feeding my morning EBN addiction when Vegas walks out of his kennel and into the kitchen. I hear his claws on the floor sounding offbeat. I look up just in time to see him run face first into the cupboard. He falls over and tries to get back up. By this time I've already jumped up and grabbed my camera.

Why am I excited? No foaming. No face moving. I guess this would be classified as a petit mal seizure vs a grand mal. The only thing that seemed to be affected was his feet. He recovered quickly and has not shown any post-ictal signs. None.

He is now eating his breakfast and pushing Orion around. Tormenting her by threatening to take her stinky bear.