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Cherry Eye 21 Feb

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I was really bummed to see Moe with a Cherry Eye in his left eye... we used a warm compress on his eye, and within a couple minutes it looked normal. I was amazed that the compress worked so well, but I suspect we will have future problems with this.


  1. bullmama's Avatar
    Wow that is pretty shocking. Hope that is the last you see of it. Anything different recently? Allergies in the air- over playing- ect?
  2. Luvin My Bullie's Avatar
    poor Moe! I don't know much about cherry eye, but isn't he a little young to already have cherry eye or is this common even in puppies?
  3. Libra926's Avatar
    Little Mello aka Delta has had cherry eye for some time. She was about 2 months old when she developed it. It, however, did not go down. They will fix it at the same time she is spayed.
    Vegas developed a brief bout with cherry eye during a blood draw. The staff took him into the back room to do the draw and brought him back with a cherry eye. It did end up returning to normal after several hours. Dr said it was "trauma/stress" related. Poor Moe. Do you have insurance on him yet? I'm glad it returned to normal.
  4. kazzy220's Avatar
    I don't think if he has it once that it absolutely means that he will develop it later. Maggie had it once but she had been over-playing with the other dogs, and also later developed an ear infection which must have been it it's early stages. It went back in very easily and she has never had another one since.
  5. Telly03's Avatar
    We do have insurance, but no more problems with it so far.