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Moses 16 Feb Vet appt

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I thought Moe was done with his medicine, but found out after I brought him to his vet for his weigh-in that he has another week to go. This weigh-in was to just make sure the dosage was OK and not preventing him from gaining weight. I would say that it was OK as Moe weighed in at 19.9 pounds... he gained 2 pounds since last week.

I also asked if vet about a couple of small dry spots I noticed on his back... they were crusty and missing hair but seemed to be getting better. The vet said that it was due to his skin being sensitive to the Frontline treatment, but it should clear up, and he should have less sensitivities to future doses as his skin gets used to it.

We worked with him last night by challenging him to work for his treats... we had him sitting and doing high-fives... he learns his lessons well, and now bombards us with high-fives everytime he approaches us, even if treats are not involved.


  1. Libra926's Avatar
    Keep an eye on those spots. Did they do a scraping? Mange is real common in puppies....and it rears it's ugly head when the puppy experiences huge changes, such as a rehoming.'s just an allergy. But just keep an eye on it. Moe is adorable as ever.
  2. Telly03's Avatar
    @Libra926 Thanks... they didn't do a scrape, but I suspect they probably will if it appears to still be a problem at his vet visit next week