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Moe completed his worming and parasite medicine and has an appointment today to get weighed. It feels and looks like he has gained weight, but his stool has been soft since he started the medicine.

His potty training is going very well... he had an accident in the living room a couple days ago, and I believe he just got too focused on his play with his sister, but I was all dramatic about the event, and I can tell he felt bad about it. Last night though he ran to the front door, so we let him out and he pottied... we thought it may have been a coincidence, but he did it again later that night, and then the next morning it was so obvious as he went straight to the front door and looked back at me as if he was trying to communicate. I am so proud of him right now.

He has mastered the art of sitting on command and listens well to my correction to not chew on furniture and stuff... my wife hasn't had the same success though and she is trying to match the depth and command in my voice that he seems to respond to.

He plays very hard with his sister and they seem to adore each other... what a relief. He will miss his play buddy, Paco, next door though as he has been missing the last couple days. Paco is always out with the neighbor kids, but they never keep an eye on him and he pretty much runs free, so it's not too surprising that he either got hit by a car or picked up, hopefully the later. The bright side to this though is that we suspect that Paco may have been the source of Moe's worms and parasites as we don't believe our neighbors ever took him to the vet.

Moe's Breeder recommended that I keep him on Purina Puppy Chow, but I can't feel good about feeding him that crap, so I switched him to Wellness Puppy shortly after his arrival. He eats it well as he always has a great appetite, but I noticed that he relished the moments when he snuck some of his sister's Fromm. I ordered some Fromm Puppy and will let him try that once he finishes this bag of Wellness.