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Feb 16th 2011

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Vegas did alright for the most part yesterday after his seizure. Grandma said he slept most of the day. I got home from work about 6 and he was ready to play. I haven't been feeling well, so I sent Vegas upstairs to play while Orion and I fell asleep on the couch. Daddy got home about 10ish from the gym, so I took Orion upstairs and went to bed. About 3am, Vegas started getting restless (and I was coughing) so I brought him back downstairs. I laid down on the couch and he immediately crawled behind me and fell asleep. 5am he was back up again, and wanted back upstairs. We crawled into bed and he wanted under the covers. As soon as he fell back to sleep, his whole body started shaking. Almost like a violent shiver. I pulled him into my arms and cuddled with him. The shaking kept waking him up. As soon as his eyes were open, the shaking would stop. As soon as his eyes closed and he started snoring..the shaking would start. Finally about 6ish...the shaking had visibly reduced and I fell back to sleep. At 7, my alarm went off. Orion usually sleeps thru the alarm and Vegas usually gets up. Not this morning. Vegas was out. Orion and I got up and she did her bathroom duties..then I left her downstairs and I grabbed my camera and went back to bed. I didn't get it on was barely noticeable. But, tonight..I will take my camera with me to bed. I'm staying home with Vegas today (I have no voice) so we will sleep and snuggle all day.

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