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Feb. 15th 2011 6am

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It's been a hard morning. At 6am, Vegas started moving around. He was sleeping right next to me under the covers. For once, he was sleeping with his head peaking out of the covers instead of his bottom. I still have another hour before the alarm goes off, so I turn away from him and fall back to sleep. He started to climb over me, then proceed to get/fall off the bed. My bed is pretty high up, and it's very possible for him to get his front or hing legs stuck between the mattress and the wood side of the sleigh bed...which he just about did. I have my quad gear bag sitting on the floor from a recent trip and he kinds fell/landed on that. I wasn't "quite" awake when I hear him struggling. I jumped out of bed..thinking he got himself stuck. I didn't realize that it was the beginning of a seizure. When the seizures start, his body wants to turn. Almost circle like. I grabbed him and held him against my chest. I have a hurt arm, and I have almost no strength. The task of keeping him upright was painful and I let him slip out of my arms. He rolled onto his side and hit his head on the side of the bed. I righted him, then straddled his back, using my thighs to help him stay upright. Once the seizure passed, I washed his face and brought him downstairs. His pacing was a little more this time. I actually had to hold his collar and direct him where to walk. He walked right into the corner of the cabinet. I finally sat on the kitchen floor with him in my arms. Even tho I had him in my lap, his back legs were still moving like he was walking. I think this was a little mini seizure...his face was bobbing and his breathing was huffy. When his breathing slowed, I let him go. He was still wanting to pace, so I filled up his everlasting treatball with some treats and I let him follow that around. He immediately seemed to focus better as he chased it around. Right now, he seems recovered. I think I will give him Diazepam. I have to work, but his grandma is home with him today. Hopefully Orion will be good today so she can focus on Vegas.