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New in town!

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Hey ya'll! My name is Shanna & I am from Gulfport, MS. I have a 2 year old female EB, Lily and always have a funny story to tell with her around! I hope to get to chat with some of you soon, and hope that I can get some advise from EB owners so my vet can catch a break. LOL.

I will start with trying to get some advise on separation anxiety. Lily has never been one to chew on things, but now that I am at work most of the day & she is at home, she chews...and chews....and chews....

She has eaten 16 pairs of my shoes in 2 months! I leave her toys to play with & I know she sleeps most of the day!! She only chew my things and it's only certain times, like when I am gone ALL day (at work) or if I go to leave, & she possibly thinks she can go but I tell her no. The vet says it's sep anxiety, which makes sense to me. Bad thing is, she KNOWS she is doing wrong, as soon as I walk in the door & she has chewed something, she heads straight for her kennel & hides. The only alternative I have is to put her in her kennel when I leave, & to be honest, it breaks my heart to do that. I realize it's probably a normal thing cause the do sleep a lot & they probably feel safe in there, but it just seems so mean :( I contemplated getting her a kitten to keep her company but I don't want another animal right now. Does anyone have any other ideas that might help? Maybe getting a doggie door so when she gets bored being alone, she can go outside & play??


  1. Jefferson bulldogs's Avatar
    I wouldnt let her outside by herself due to the high demand of bulldogs and their cost more and more are getting stolen.
  2. Shannak26's Avatar
    That was my only worry with the doggie door. She loves being in the sunshine, but she will only freely stay outside if the door is open...if I shut it, she rams it until I open it again. Guess the kennel is my only option.
  3. bullmama's Avatar
    Crates are good for you and your bully. Believe it or not, most dogs don't even drink water when their masters are not at home. They generally sleep the whole time, unless they are trying to tell you they don't like you being gone (hence the whole chewing of the shoes thing). If they are crate trained, they feel safe there. You will even notice them go in their crate when it is time for you to go to work without even asking them to after they get used to it.
  4. Shannak26's Avatar
    That makes me feel a lot better. Lily won't eat or drink if I am not home with her. And she does go sit in her kennel when she knows I am about to leave..sometimes I have to tell her to go get in her bed, but she goes with no problem. Thanks!
  5. bullmama's Avatar
    You are welcome and I forgot to tell you- welcome to English bulldog news!
  6. Lindathedogsmaid's Avatar
    Dear Shannack 26
    I would get bored too. try getting her a cong. and fill it with cream cheese, light if you like. peanut butter can trigger allergies. fill it and put her in a crate during the day. it does mean security to her as well as you. she can get hurt out loose until she is mature. don't ever give her a rawhide or anything that can be chewed up. by herself. a very large marrow bone is OK if it is to large for her to swallow. 4 inches or bigger. they will chew on it even when nothing is left on it..but do not leave her over 6 hrs as it will cause stones from holding urine. maybe a neighbor can let her out. I also use cream cheese to give pills. remember she will cut teeth for many months and must chew. if you dont want things chewed , and dont want the habit started. put things away.