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January 29th. Notes on phenobarb increase.

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Tuesday...January 25th. We have been asked to increase Vegas's phenobarb to 1 tablet twice daily. He is within normal therapeutic range..but at the bottom. Lots of room to increase. I have had him on the higher dose before, but I'm afraid that his liver function will suffer. His enzymes are slightly increased right now..but the Dr said "not enough to worry". So, I raised his dose. It's been along sleepless week for me. I've not been home due to a death in the family of a dear friend. I've been helping her put together a slide show for the funeral. So..I've not been around enough to notice if Vegas has been suffering from any side effects...until today. I have to get another wine box. Vegas hasn't had to use a wine box for over a year...(to get up on the couch) but now, he can still get up, it just takes him several attempts to get up.
This is 3 1/2 days after the dose increase.

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