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Today Comiskey is 3 1/2 months old and he is still not understanding what his bed is. My poor baby has to spend his days in the crate while we go to work. I am a proud Momma because he patiently waits all day to go potty until one of us comes home from work to let him out. His accidents are very rare when it comes to his crate. I really want him to understand what his bed is so when he is older he does not continue to pee on it. Today the Husband and I moved his bed into his crate we are hoping he starts to get that this is his bed. We are really hoping this works and does not create more issues. Like him using the bathroom in his cage. Wish us luck!!!!!!!


  1. Libra926's Avatar
    I wish you luck. Just remember....the crate is the safest place for them. They are naturally den dwelling animals and feel safe inside their homes. Orion doesn't like to be awake in hers...cause she's a PITA and can't get into trouble inside the kennel. At night, she sleeps like a champ. She has a blanket that covers her kennel and she is as happy as can be. One thing to remember, don't give them too much room inside. If they have a side will be for sleeping and the other side for peeing and . They should have a RV type trailer home. Enough room to sleep and stand up and turn around. No room for anything else. Good luck!
  2. bullmama's Avatar
    Good Luck Comiskey & Mommie!
  3. Lacey28's Avatar
    Good luck!!