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lazer toys and danger to both animals and kids

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I found out in the past few years why sesame street stopped showing the flashing lights and jerky pictures on the program, I stopped my girls from watching it back in the 70's thinking it would make them dizzy!!!
it is because it was causing SEIZURES in children from fooling the eyes!!!
and lasers do the same thing to dogs !!!! it takes very little time to cause the dog into chasing things on walls that are not there, and soon leads to seizures, of which very hard to wean off of meds that often are for life!!!
Dogs and cats love to chase the beam of light. BUT beware--- don't do it.
and the disco era had the big ball strobe lights , they did the same thing to adults. end of big balls and disco !!
I did get a dog weaned off the phenobarbital but it took a long slow gradual decreasing and eventually was fine, Please do not ever use a laser on an animal. it soon fools the eyes to think a light is there when nothing is real, and goes into the brain being fooled.