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December 27th 2010

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We've been giving our precious baby boy some oral diazepam to hopefully hold off any seizures from over excitement. It started on Christmas Eve. I could actually see how excited he was..hearing the tissue paper and the tape. He must have gotten out of bed 6 times. He could hear us downstairs..and he was crying and batting at the bedroom door, so finally daddy let him out. I had to put the fireplace screen in front of the presents because he was so excited. Finally at 1:30 Christmas morning, he fell asleep. I gave him another diazepam on Christmas...opening presents was too much excitement, all the new gifts. He was over-stimulated for sure. I gave him another on Sunday morning. He can have one every 6 they wear off pretty quickly. Monday morning, the 27th, I wake up and Vegas is sleeping (curled into my side) under all the covers. He is panting and drooling. I thought he was going to get sick, so I put a towel down. He stands up and his whole body goes rigid. He is staring upwards..not seeing anything. I lift him off the bed and put him on the floor when he has a full body seizure. No foaming like you've seen in his videos...just whole body seizing. Under a minute later, the seizure stops, but he is left blinded. I know this because he tried to take off and he was facing the wall. He wasn't focusing on me either. I grapped him and held him to my chest and talked to him and rocked him for about 3 minutes. He finally focuses and looked at me, so I let him go. He was sluggish the rest of the morning. He ended up getting sick in his kennel while I was at work. So, he didn't get any of his seizure meds. I fed him dinner at 8pm and by 9pm, he'd thrown up everything. So, I gave him some metoclopramide and some saltine crackers...which both he and O were digging. I only let him have 3 and he kept it down. So, I'm curious if I should feed him breakfast or keep him on crackers today? Last night he slept well, but I woke up to him salavating. Usually this happens right before he throws up, but he was fine.