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November 22nd 2010

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Well..we hit the end of the non-seizure run. Vegas has 2 this morning that we know of. The first one happened at 5:30ish. I didn't witness it, but my husband woke me up to attend to him. After the first one, he seemed to start to calm down, but then he started pacing. He would walk at an angle and head first into the wall, door, slider, waterdish. Mark cornered him and Vegas started to panic. We realized that Vegas was blinded by the seizure...the upcoming one. He was comforted by our voices and by nosing us and sniffing us. I was sitting with my arms wrapped around him..he was facing away from me. I spoke into his ear.."mommy is right here" and he whipped his head up toward the ceiling and backward until he put his nose on my face and sniffed my scent. He had his second seizure shortly after that. Minutes later....he regained his sight. I pulled out his rectal diazepam..we haven't had to use this in a LONG time..and gave him 30mg rectally. I just gave him 10mg orally. He's still pacing and he is having a hard time settling down. He had a mini seizure at 9pm-ish..but it was very twitching..just a little drool. I'm staying home with him tomorrow. We've had a snow storm...and it took me almost 3 hours to drive my normal 30 minute commute. So while I was sitting in park on the freeway..I called in sick.>.<


  1. bullmama's Avatar
    Awww sorry to hear the streak ended. Is he doing okay?