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Amy White

Love our Bullies

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HI I'm new to this website. I recently lost my bullie of 9 1/2 years on New years eve in my arms (think it was a heart attack) I had her since she was 8 weeks old..she meant the world to me I have so many memories of her..I miss her so much. I adopted another puppy at 8 weeks old when Teenie (the one that past) was 5 and they were insepertable. since Teenie died Daisy has not been the same..she has to be right by us at all times.

We have adopted a rescue from the bulldog rescue I think he is just under a year. Daisy doesn't seem to like him and I'm hopeing she will come around.. Any advice?
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  1. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Daisy probably is just showing who's house it is. How long have you had your rescue pup? Just make sure Daisy gets equal if not a bit more attention than the pup. She is probably just jealous, and time will tell. Anyone else have any good suggestions? Hopefully they will start to get along in time.
  2. Amy White's Avatar
    Teenie of course was very mellow and very loving towards Daisy and Daisy was always the playful one full of life, I think its such a big change for her. We have had Dobbie for about 2 weeks or a little over. I notice Daisy tries to clean him (his ears, face etc.) but he just looks confused and won't let her. I give her Alot more attention she sleeps with me etc.. Dobbie has bonded a little bit more with my boyfriend..I just wish dogs could live as long as we do.. I don't have kids so my bullies have always been there for me.. Thanks for the advice..