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oh she's a helper all right!! they are just the best.... well, sort of! For me, getting things out of the drier is a nightmare with hank! He is the quickest on his feet ever when he hears the dryer door open. He hopes for a fallen sock or the 'balls' i put in there and boy is he fast if one falls out! and if i dont put the stuff in a basket to carry to bed to fold, oh thats a mistake!! i can barley walk as hes sure then something will fall so he keeps right under foot!! . One day it will be me! but, back to your sweet thing, she is as comfortable as comfortable can be anywhere she lays her bod.. lol she's a doll baby.
Lol. They are fast when it's something they want or want to do aren't they?
She really does seem to be able to sleep anywhere! Lol