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The Prettyone and I spent half the day on U-Tube going thru different breeds of dogs , she surprised the Hell out of Me . We were learning about breeds that we have never had you name it we saw it lol 2 bottles of a good Chardonnay worth of looking .
We both love the large breeds very much , we have always felt uneasy calling Odin a Cane Corso seems he is far closer to a Plott then Corso or it was the wine not sure . things are warming up here to fill the last spot in the pack . We mostly kept ending up back at another Bullie . We were looking at the Danes , The Prettyone has never had a Roti or Dobe not sure that would fit here in my mind you . Guess we will see , she took today off work so I have another day with her before she goes back too the Big City .
sounds lovely i think i'd love another Shepard type mutt, or oeb or just about anything that wanders my way. b4 HANK, i really wanted a sweet king charles spaniel,,,,,,,,,but HANKs what i got lol and now, if anything would even wander in, it would have to be hank prooof... lol Unfortunatly, one dog is all i really need these days. I am back and forth (somewhat like your 'prettyone' ) and cant imagine toting around a crew like yours in my Subaru and hanging out in our resort park with a whole PACK but! If i ever just settle in one spot, i would love another rescue of any sort