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Thread: Empty dishwasher...

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    Default Re: Empty dishwasher...

    Quote Originally Posted by helsonwheels View Post
    He just sits there and watches when im emptying the dishwasher But when I fill it up he's there trying to lick the dishes.

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    Lololol Fran loves when I load the dishwasher. Thinks it's a snack.

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    Default Empty dishwasher...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hankster View Post
    Isnt he cute!!! I haven't had a 'boy' dog for a real long time and I don't know if it's Hanks 'boyness' that is so sweet, or it's just him (he's also obnoxious,,,, very! at times) They are a different breed than I'm used to anyway, but these little boys are pretty cool.. I know you have a rascal there, but boy oh boy do you think it's HIS 'boyness' or just hims puppyness that's such a menace at times???
    I once read that girl dogs love you, but boy dogs are IN LOVE with you. My two boy dogs are very sweet.

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