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Thread: Playing with Canelo Injury

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    Default Re: Playing with Canelo Injury

    And look who has decided to play with his new rope.

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    Default Re: Playing with Canelo Injury

    that's funny!! some people just cant take it... lol your mom being one... what a sweetie to send her 'this' pic.. lovely
    Quote Originally Posted by Canelospeeps View Post
    Being a mean daughter, I sent this pic to my mother. She is so sensitive to blood her reaction is priceless. Yes I know, mean. To describe, a couple of years ago we went to my parents to grill for Fathers Day. I have worked in hospitals for years, not a nurse, my brother is a police officer but started as an EMT. On this day my father was grilling, it's his thing but he walked in the house and told my Husband to take over grilling, he had an accident. He dropped a knife and it hit his foot. As my father walked to the kitchen I asked him what happened and he told me so I called my brother across the room and told him he was up. While my brother and I treated my father, my mother was on the verge of passing out, her mouth watering. She was a mess. Blood is her downfall. My father loves crocs, he was wearing them so I took a blood filled croc to the bathroom and washed it out, my mother was demanding they be thrown away.... whatever! My brother stopped the bleeding and we both looked for the wound. Talk about freak accident! The knife pierced a blood vessel! A tiny prick! That was it but it bled so much. No bandaid needed, a tiny pierce. I told Dad he needed to invest in life alert because he was going to die if blood and my mother were involved.

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    Default Re: Ouch! But we had fun!

    OUCH!!! Nail?
    There is a part of your heart not alive until a bulldog has entered your lif

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