The interior on this truck is mostly plastic and its already 10yrs old so I'm not overly concerned with scratches. But if it was new, that would be different. Bentley has put some pretty serious scratches on the dash of the new mini van, he likes to bark at cows as we go down the road. So far Thysyn likes the truck but he's pretty sedate when he's in it, mostly just sits on the seat and looks around.

Here's a better shot, I cleaned it up some, still more to go, but it's looking better. The center caps are off because I have to go back to the mechanics in the morning to have them torque down the lugs, there's new laws here in Ontario to try to reduce the number of wheels coming off due to poorly torqued lugs.

It needs some body work, but other than that, it's a really solid truck. I got a killer deal on it so I'm happy. And now Thysyn has a new ride.

David and Thysyn