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If this isn't the best picture I have ever seen!!! I am completely in love. Pit Bulls are my favorite after Bulldogs!!
Luna and Sable are 2 rescues. Luna the white one, I was with my son when we went to pick her up. Already a year now. She's around 2.5yrs old. She's very smart and wise. When she plays with Nyala, she will butt hit Nyala and roll so she doesn't hurt Nyala. Nyala just wants to play, bite the legs, ears, flappy jaws which I correct her immediately of course. And Sable the darker one is more the "you chase me" type. She's about 18months, very sleek n thin but heathly. She's more the hyper one. Nyala just doesn't know when to stop when they come over. She will be pooped out, tongue hanging to the ground panting and still going. I have to give her time out. But she sure gives Luna n Sable their play time worth a month's time as you see the photo all 3 knocked out sleeping. Lol