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Thread: Hard to believe Rosie is in 18 days is 1 year old , Love My baby girl

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    Default Re: Hard to believe Rosie is in 18 days is 1 year old , Love My baby girl

    Quote Originally Posted by Manydogs View Post
    @natski282 Nat,I personally think that you are the ideal man! I like the way you think. The more dogs,the better Had one like that!!!
    TY , lol ya I am perfect and typical , I do not read instructions to assemble stuff not part of the male make up, swear when it does not go together in my view correctly teaching the kids new language at Christmas time when it is the busiest time for most assembly by Daddy. Nice thing about dogs they do not argue actually go along with the male thoughts . As a example The Prettyone took today off , she is out there looking at My veggie garden comes back to the house and says "you need to weed that vaeggie garden" ..... I look at her like she has two Pretty heads and say " I planted it what do you mean you have to weed it , if the veggie plant in question survives the onslaught of all those weeds then its gonna be far more worth eating because it is stronger for the experience ! "
    You see that makes sense to Me ........... as a Male
    And now today she wants to build a fence around it because Nelli one front leg or not is digging up the garlic in the garden , I said it took me weeks to train her to dig the garlics up versus me on my old knees on damp ground digging them up she does not get it !
    Anyhow I have to get going to lumber yard to pick up wood to do the fence now see you later Bud !

    ...everyone else in a room with you is pinching their noses snore like a chain saw. takes too much energy to beg
    ...your snore is louder than your bark have never seen your tail...what is a tail anyways?'re the loudest snorer in the house.

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    Default Re: Hard to believe Rosie is in 18 days is 1 year old , Love My baby girl

    Five more days until you are a Big ONE year old. Jewel and Bentley send you pre Happy Birthday wishes Rosie.

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