@Libra926 I believe Winnie has more adjusting to do than Moe... It's like she's waiting for him to go home but once she figures out that he is part of the pack, I think she will be fine.

Last night was rough, and mostly because of Winnie. Peggy and I agreed to take turns getting up every few hours to take him out until he's able to make it through the night, although we will ignore his cries for attention between the scheduled potty breaks. If you notice in the videos, we have an enclosure that goes around the crate that allows him the opportunity to visit the wee pad if needed without giving the run of the house... this worked really well for Winnie, and so far he appreciates this system as he has used the pad a couple times without soiling his crate. He cried quite abit early in the evening, but seemed to be quiet later. Winnie though will try to alert us that the baby is crying by barking, and her barking is much louder and harder to tune out than his crying, so we are hoping that she adjusts to the situation soon, or that Moe will only cry when he needs to go out.