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Thread: Progress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisRN View Post
    The vet said it was (is) a fungal infection. Her skin felt like rough leather and had a greasy feel. It was disgusting. . I never got a photo when we first got her. Even the worst of the photos was after much improvement. We started with ketaconazole (oral) and weekly medicated baths. She HATED standing in the tub for the 10 minute soak. Then we started using Malaket wipes every evening because of the recommendations of others on EBN. I knew we were making progress when the skin became smooth, but got excited when the wipes started turning black when I cleaned the area. Then we started seeing freckles. The final step in cleaning has been Gold Bond medicated powder. I swear by the stuff! We're down to treating once or twice weekly and are still seeing improvement. She lies very still and really is a good sport about it all. Of course, the cookie she gets when we're done doesn't hurt! The vet and his tech said it probably would never turn back to its normal color. I guess we have shown them!
    Glad to hear your baby is getting better and you can see progress. Hope things get back to normal as quick as possible.

    Cash has been on ketaconazole before and the stuff really works. He no longer takes it but I have some on hand just in case. I bathe Cash once a week and use the medicated shampoo every time. He was having issues with dermatitis before and that was when we were introduced to the medicated shampoo. It worked really well for Cash, and it worked fairly fast- I saw results after about a week treating him with a bath and pill (ketaconazole)

    I won't make the mistake by trying to chimp on the shampoo either. We learned the hard way with purchasing the over the counter Petsmart antifungal shampoo. I read the bottle and it showed the same thing as in the prescription shampoo- so I thought. I decided to give it a try to save some money. That prescription shampoo is quite expensive.

    The shampoo smelled really really good, but it did a number on Cash's coat and skin. He started to get these welps and bumps all over him and on his head, and they would scab up and he would itch. It was awful. I stopped using the shampoo, and back to the prescription brand and Cash's coat cleared up almost instantly. Something must have been in the over the counter anti bacterial anti fungal shampoo.

    The prescription shampoo that we use is called HexaChlor-K made by Glen Haven Theraputics.
    The over the counter shampoo that we learned from is called Medicated Anti-bacterial & Anti- Fungal shampoo made by GNC Pets. It has a picture of a bulldog on the front.

    Happy New Year From the Simpson Family

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    Default Re: Progress!

    Fantastic.... slow progression, but it really is getting there. Great job, Chris!
    There is a part of your heart not alive until a bulldog has entered your lif

    Nitschke (2004-2011) and Banks (2005-2014) -- My angels
    Thank you for all the love, fun and teachings

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