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Thread: Sally camping this weekend

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    Default Re: Sally camping this weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by JeannieCO View Post
    It does feel like she's been here forever. I can only hope we have at least a few years with her. I do wonder how much her over breeding has taken a toll on her. She seems as old as Ace was before he passed (he was 12) and she's only 7. I think she's aged far faster than normal. She's just an angel.
    Trust you instincts Jeannie, I've gone this route before…. and your gut feeling is speaking volumes, pay attention!! All the breeding, nursing, anxiety, etc… has aged her…. It's taken a lot out of her, Puppy mills and these people who breed for money don't have any respect or love for their pets, it's all about the money, you and I both know what they do with the breeders when their not performing to their standards, you have living proof in your pictures, poor dear has been through a lot, and even though she has a great life now, and in a retirement home, you can't change the past, only live it, deal with it, understand, and compensate for it now.

    I'm surprised Sally's not cowering in every photo lol, just waiting on the other shoe to drop, she's never had it so GOOD !! I'm surprised she's able to handle all this love, and attention without having to search for her wings and Halo!! lol Your such a Good Mother !!!

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    Default Re: Sally camping this weekend

    I just love Sally's shirt. The colors are great, and so are these photos! Thanks for sharing!

    Is it wrong that I'm jealous? I want to go camping one of these days!

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