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We came up with more permanent fixes, since my car is 'The Dog Car' I have attached 2 short leads to the 'hard points' of the seats (where you would attach a childs safety seat) Since the pups decided they wanted to chew the original leather/cord leads, we went to chain, they are actually Horse Leads that I got at Tractor Supply, and I got the hardware to put them together there too!... VERY inexpensive, and like I said more of a permanent thing
This similar to what I've done, too. I found heavy nylon seat belt restraints at Pet Smart. One worked well, but when attached to the belt Tank would try to turn around and would get twisted in the strap. I ended up putting 2 of the straps together and hooked it to the car seat tethering point behind the seat. This puts the connection point up higher so he can stand, sit, lay down, turn around and reposition himself without getting tangled while keeping him safe.

I also bought an inexpensive rubber backed bathroom rug to keep him from slipping and sliding (and damaging) my leather seats. The backing keeps it in place and if it gets dirty, I can throw it in the wash.

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