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Thread: Linus ~V~ Angel

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    Default Re: Linus ~V~ Angel

    Ha ha oh that was too cute!

    "Looking at a bulldog is said to cure the worse of the blues, living with one, serves to prevent them!" -Author unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fontanafox View Post
    Angel is an angel. What a good kitty. It looks like both are confused. Kitty wondering why is Linus so insistent. Linus thinking why doesn't Angel play with me like I want.

    BabyGirl grew up around Daisy my cat and from what I saw she loved Daisy but at some point her instincts to want to chase Daisy are trying to come into play. Daisy is also very tolerant and doesn't know what to make of it. For now I have to make sure BabyGirl doesn't try to squish the kitty and Daisy doesn't seem to think she's in any danger and will only meow in protest so I have to come to the rescue. So far no one is biting or scratching each other. I do keep a can of compressed air around in case I have to "remind" BabyGirl that's not acceptable. Just a quick burst of air on her behind snaps her out of it. Louie and Wilson don't care to bother Daisy at all.
    We've been very lucky .... all our dogs have accepted Angel as there own! He was here first so I don't know if that helps?

    When Angel comes in they all rush to greet him and lick his face! Sweet!

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    Default Re: Linus ~V~ Angel

    So sweet! Angel is a doll, what a tolerant kitty and Linus is cute beyond words! Thanks for sharing!

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