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Thread: Dermapet / Dechra Malacetic Otic

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    Default Dermapet / Dechra Malacetic Otic

    I use Malacetic Otic on a regular basis for maintenance on skin folds and ear cleansing.

    What I like most about it is that it does not smell awful. You can order it online for much cheaper than getting it through your vet.


    Dermapet MalAcetic Otic is a unique, all natural, environmentally sensitive solution designed for routine ear cleaning and drying.

    How to use:

    A general ear cleansing frequent use (up to 2-3 times daily) pH balanced product, which is unique to others on the market in that it uses functional acids. While Acetic acid is widely known to be effective against yeast, the most common complication in ear problems, it is Boric acid that the human literature claims to be the effective agent.

    Acetic acid is unique in its property to be effective against Pseudomonas, the culprit in swimmers ear, as well as other bacterial and microbes. It does not contain ototoxic agents such as chlorhexidine or salicylic acid found commonly in many ear products or detergents or artificial cleansing or dewaxing agents. All natural, it does not contain alcohol, dyes, pain-killers or perfumes and is hypo-alergenic.


    Contains 2% Acetic Acid and 2% Boric Acid with surfactants

    Note: This product is now being manufactured by Dechra, new bottle design looks like this:

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