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Thread: Cost of good , GREAT nutrition

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    When I was on Fromm, I could get the largest bag at the feed store for $60. You can check the Fromm website for dealers, you would be surprised at how many their are. I didn't think anyone carried it and then when I checked the site I found it quite close.

    I raw feed now and pay anywhere from 69cents a lb to $1.59 a lb for food. A little more work and a bit more planning but worth it to us.

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    I agree totally. What concerned me initially was that I was buying a new Brand of Dog food every week ......bag after bag .... from FROMM to TOTW to WELLNESS to INNOVA to PRECISE
    to NATURE'S try and determine and isolate the Allergen that was causing Maximus to look so bad. He looked horrible. His eyes were red and swollen, his Face was red and pink,
    he got Dermatitis/Pyoderma and it just got worse with no relief and no signs of him improving. And it all cost me a fortune! I'm really wondering whether there really IS a good dog food out there on the market .....??

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