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Thread: What do you feed your Bulldog ?

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    Default Re: What do you feed your Bulldog ?

    You make no sense and did not answer my question yet again for the second time in a row.

    Champion Pet Foods is not a new company. And since 2009 they have won more awards than any other dog food and the food was tested by he Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, DC.

    Champion Petfoods | Awards

    My English at times drinks TO much eater I know many other English owners that are the same way drinking to much/to fast. So when you say bullys are not a working breed, and they don't drink enough water you are really showing you have little understanding with this breed.
    95% of English owners have fat, obese, lazy dogs, they are originally bred for bull baiting among other jobs, how is this not a working breed? Yes they are not much of a working breed now days because people have bred them that way, but if you follow family trees back enough you can still find bloodlines that have to ability to be fairly good working dogs, sure not Collie working.

    Again My English can go to the dog park and keep up with Collies, and other working/agile breeds for hours with no problems he may lose in a race, but he sure doesn't stop till I make him.

    Again I refuse to feed my dogs plant based ingredients, among other ingredients that they cannot digest or fully use both of my dogs have been doing wonderful on Orijen, and I've been selling Orijen for the last 4-5 years and still have many of my original customers that swear by this food.

    I have fed many foods over the years, and this food by far besides Evo my dogs have done the best on besides a RAW diet, as my Boston used to be feed mostly RAW.


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    Default Re: What do you feed your Bulldog ?

    well Chad- I question the purity of your Bulldog AKC papers if he can keep up with collies at the dog parks. or run for hours.
    and as to the
    "but if you follow family trees back enough you can still find bloodlines that have to ability to be fairly good working dogs, sure not Collie working." and they do not drink enough water 99% of the time. of course no one lets them gulp it after playing hard. just short drinks till they cool down !they do not drink enough . that shows me how little you have researched and read up on English Bulldogs!
    No sane bulldog will weight pull until you want him to quit. they tire to fast just as in the days of bull fighting. those days they just bit and hung on, locking the jaw.
    they are a NON SPORTING breed. meant to keep humans company no more.
    you cannot compare what they used to be with today, just like you cannot compare humans the same way either. DUH!! and yes most Bullies are over weight ,but that is because many are getting corn in the food.and lots of folks do not realize that they shouldn't buy the food the vets recommend! (if they stock and sell the brand ,the pet food CO gives generous donations to the vets college of choice, supposedly for vet students )so I tell folks never to buy from a vet - they have ulterior motives!
    if some of this isn't enough to make you choose more carefully , well Bulldogs are 180 degrees different than any other breed for their needs ,in all fields.

    As a service to pet parents, is compiling information from pet food manufacturers regarding the adverse event protocol of each company. Please respond to all of the following questions at your earliest convenience...

    When a pet parent contacts you reporting a sick, dying, or dead pet they believe to be caused from your pet food/treat - what is your company protocol for handing the report?
    they acknowledge the call / email.
    What is the procedure for first complaint in a pet food batch?
    does this brief description happen in all complaints? no answer!

    Are there subsequent procedures followed for additional complaints (same batch)?

    Do you provide the pet parent with a report of your investigation?

    Typically, how long does it take for the pet parent to receive a response to your investigation of their complaint?
    Do you investigate even without a veterinarian statement?
    Do you retain a portion of each batch of pet food for testing? If yes, for how long do you keep this food?

    Should the worst happen, and a recall be initiated, what is the estimated length of time from date investigation begins to date recall is announced?
    Any additional information you'd like to provide would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Susan Thixton
    Truth about Pet Food


    When a complaint is initiated by a consumer, we let the consumer know that we have received their email (or phone call) and will be opening a file or checking into the matter for them. We can check with Quality Assurance on lot numbers if they are provided, again lab results will be available for each lot number of our products. We do extensive testing on all kibble before we release it to our shipping warehouse. All of our finished kibble is held before shipping in order to have testing done for Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae (which includes E.coli) etc., this is part of our quality control process. No product is shipped until all of our tests come back clear.

    From there, we can arrange for testing on a sample of the consumers kibble, we try to tailor our response to the individual needs and concerns of each person who contacts us.

    Our Quality Assurance department logs and tracks all complaints, so we know if more than one has come in on a particular lot number.

    Now they have skirted the answers like they did with me on the phone, so they keep track of complaints,

    they only test for two things!!!

    and they acknowledge a call or email, and then go to check their own logs @ their labs.

    they have not got any protocol for outside testing of tainted customers and their lots of food.

    in summery to your question about length of time Orejin has been on the market, is miniscule. in business years, I have shoes older then that. and granted they may have won an award or two ,but how many others were tested also?? I would like to see that list.
    NOW no one is more proactive about Canada, that is my home. grew up there. they are very much concerned about quality ---NORMALLY-- but remember the food recall of 2007--- that was menu foods in Canada---
    so again . I am answering your questions about what is wrong with Orejin/Arcana ?? it all sounds to good to be true, AND the advertizement (white paper ) is just that . Bulldogs are NOT A WORKING BREED. if you have one that actually is active --it may be one of two, I have come across in 12 yrs of dealing with English Bulldogs by the hundreds. now if you Bulldog has some French in him that may be different.
    But English Bulldogs are actually very fragile to many things. heat, over exertion, and growing things,things they touch, not to mention a Bulldog protocol for surgeries. I don't suppose you thought of that. and the Fact that a regular vet will not have a clue how to properly car for or recognize Bulldog issues, Owners must have a experienced Bulldog vet with experience.(check the local Bulldog club on line to find owners who can recommend one)
    I would not try a food until it was time tested for issues, nor would I use food from a Company that was so secretive/ non forthcoming with answers to direct questions!
    dog are not wolves- but I musts say this has been a good gimmick for consumers for several years now. a taste of the wild did this too. but people finally caught on, to simple advertising.and recognized that
    it was just that.
    as to veggies and fruits--some things like corn do not digest, watch the poop and delete what doesn't -not a huge task. but all in all they fruit and veggies do so much good in many ways. it helps reduce the acid contents of the urine as one example. just no preservatives. meat, fruit, and veggies, we should all eat like that.

    please read this article, and if it is happening in the can bet the pet food industry in Canada is also trying it.whether or not they succeed is the test of us pet owners keeping tabs on the industry.

    No April Fools - Buyer Beware is on Amazon!

    No April Fools - Buyer Beware is on Amazon!

    Written By: Susan Thixton
    Categorized in: Pet Food Ingredients, Pet Food News, Pet Food Regulations

    It's here! And of all days right? This April Fools day is not fooling with pet parents, Big Pet Food perhaps.

    My book compiling years of writing and research from is now available in paperback on The Kindle version isn't ready yet; formatting issue.

    Sort of ironic that the book became available on April Fools day. I'm one of those whose birthday is on the 13th; I've always loved it when my birthday landed on a Friday. In fact, I turned 13 on Friday the 13th and my Father turned 33 on Friday the 13th. I consider it lucky. So when I was expecting sometime next week for Buyer Beware to be available on and it showed up available today - April Fools Day - I consider this luck too!

    The 'fools' won't be pet parents. The 'fools' will be the pet food companies that think they can continue to sell recycled waste into dog foods and cat foods under the guise of healthy. The 'fools' will be the FDA if they think they can continue to ignore federal law with pet food.

    Happy April Fools day!

    Direct Link to Buyer Beware: The Crimes, Lies and Truth about Pet Food.
    Linda A Parks
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    Default Re: What do you feed your Bulldog ?

    Again you only can't see outside the lines because you refuse to. haha

    Oh yeah my AKC English Bulldog is 72lbs, 24" neck, mastiff sized head, is mixed with a French Bulldog! HAHA

    Rambo at times drinks to much water and I know many other English owners that have the same problem. I'll get you photo of his AKC papers, if you'd like, and If I have time I'll try and get photos of him.

    Since for what ever reason I can post photos...

    Click the link. This is Rambo keep in mind that is a 35lb Tortoise that was 20" long.

    Next time we go to the park I'll be sure to get some video too when I first got him, I would out sprint him, now, he flys past me like I'm a snail!

    Many many many dog food company's have had recalls, that's nothing new and nothing I'm worried about. I just don't like to fact you say this food is so bad, without ANY proof what so ever, and you say your dog food is so much better, with high carbs, and ingredients that end up in your backyard.
    Also then you say that they can't be working breeds, and they don't drink enough water.... They were once a working breed, yes as you said, and I said they are not a working bred nowdays. Rambo enjoys pulling, I started with a tire in the yard and he did it, and he asks to do it now. Between him and my Boston they must drink 2-4 bowls a day depending on how warm it is, and it's Rambo drinking 85% of it if anything my Boston needs to drink more often, Rambo on the other hand... I have to stop him from DRINKING to much.


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    Default Re: What do you feed your Bulldog ?

    I think at this point you can both agree to disagree.

    We have decided to close this topic to before this debate gets uncomfortable for everyone. Each of us have different opinions on what is the best dog food out there and I believe that you both presented your sides enough to the point that now all there is left to do is argue over nothing substantial that will no longer pertain to the dog food.

    Both of you do offer great points on the subject. While most bulldogs as a whole are not athletic, it does show that each bulldog is different and one will do better on a different food than another. It is a personal choice and the most important choice as owners that we make for our pets.

    Everyday is a party when you own a bulldog!
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