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Thread: nuvet causing loose stool?

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    Default nuvet causing loose stool?

    what are the chances? bitty has been on this supplement since we got her. she always gets her vitamin at dinner time which coincidentally corresponds to her loose stools in the evenings. I have read that supplements were not needed when feeding a high quality food. i feed natures variety instinct. All of her treats have been switched to all natural fruits and veggies.(apple chips, green beans and blueberries).

    I think im gonna stop giving her the supplement for a couple of days and see if there is any change in the daily pile loose


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    Default Re: nuvet causing loose stool?

    well it could be but i wonder about the switch to natural treats. the green beans and blueberries and such. might have upset her tummy. you can try the supplement first but if no change i would cut back on the natural treats. not saying dont give natural treats but bullys can have sensitive tummies and maybe to quick a switch. all you can do is cut out things till you find whats doing it. i just say this cause she has been on the supplement so long. i hope she gets better soon.

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