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    So, what is the consensus on the best, reasonably priced food for bullies?

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    Here is a link to info here on EBN that you might want to review:

    lot of people here use Fromm 4* in the grain free varieties but if you are talking food for a pup, they do have a puppy gold formula as well. After you do some looking around, if you decide on Fromm, you can look on their site for dealers or order from There is a shipping code floating around here but I don't know it off the top of my head. My mom uses Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Fish for her puppies and they are doing well. I don't think it is that expensive and it is an all stages food. I feed raw but was using Fromm 4* (grain free varieties) for a while with success.

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    or even avoderm is a cheaper food with great results for many. I would look up the food page and get some ideas of what sounds good for what you wanna pay. I now feed fromm grain free and the boys love it but it isnt on the lower end of price either. There are quite a few good foods we had tried up until this one that we loved as well. Taste of the wild was 1. Canidae was another but they changed their formula and I never tried it since so no help there. Californias natural I think was ok, makes for a very firm poo but not the best results allergy-wise for my boy. All in all it is just a trail and error thing cuz they are all so diff really. From what I have heard for the most part you should try and feed at least 3 stars and up, 4 would be more on spot I think for a good average starting point in my opinion. It is actually surprising how much it doesnt cost to feed your pups something other than eukanuba or iams. Those are so expensive for what you get, there are many better foods for the same price range.

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    Thanks so much for your replies. I will check out the link, information and reviews. I have a local dealer of Fromm, so I will likely just do that.
    Thanks again!

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