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    Default Still researching......

    So I have been worried about the fact that I think the change in food has had our little man turned upside down. The gas has been a little better, but I am not sure this food is the best thing for him. As I mentioned before, I am going to give it the week, but if he isn't better I am going to look into switching him to something else. I found a couple of stores in my area that sell Fromm. I was reading into all of this and noticed that they have 2 different kinds of puppy food. One is puppy and one is for Large puppy breeds which are for dogs that are larger than 50 lbs full grown. If I switch him to this I wasn't sure which one I would switch him to. My little man is 5 1/2 months and 46lbs. The vet says he looks good, he is just going to be a big guy like his daddy. Any suggestions???? Also, how much does this food usually run??? I didn't see any prices on the website!

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    The Fromm I get from petflow is $59.99 for the 26lb of Grain Free Beef Fritatta. I know the non-grain free formulas are cheaper, and I am certain the puppy food is not in the 4 star line so it will be quite a bit cheaper. If you do decide to switch, do it very slowly. It probably won't be as bad on his system as going from Nutro to AvoDerm, that is the hardest when going from a really bad food to a good food- so the transition should not be as bad.

    Also compare prices with petflow, many have reported better prices at petflow then getting it locally, plus free shipping on orders over $59 (use coupon code EnglishBulldog) plus you do not pay any sales tax. Oh wait, you live in NJ --- You may have to pay sales tax.

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    I just ordered the regular gold puppy, not the large breed. Fromm is great food! The 15 lb bag lasts me over a month! $26.99 at petflow If u break that down it ends up being less than $7.00 a week
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