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Thread: What is the best food for a bulldog with allergies?

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    Default Re: What is the best food for a bulldog with allergies?

    Quote Originally Posted by Biscuitsmom View Post
    Oooh never heard of that brand. She is on a grain free lamb and rice but food doesn't seem to be the trigger. She HATES being outside because I think she knows the grass and pollen make her feel bad. In the winter months she gets so much better then come spring it's in full force again :-(. She is almost 70% deaf due to the reoccurring infections in her ears. We have tried just about everything including surgery to open them up. We just do maintenance now to try and keep her the most comfortable.
    According to dog advisor horizon legacy came in as one of the best and it's a lot cheaper than the other brands.

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    Default Re: What is the best food for a bulldog with allergies?

    @brucebruce I am currently going thru this with my 1 yr old bully. Scabs started on his back with fur attached, leaving bald patches. It then moved to his face. He was diagnosed with a staph infection and was put on a 30 day treatment of antibiotics, which helped significantly. Scabs went away and fur began to grow back. I thought we were in the clear, until the scabs reappeared on his face. Just spoke to his vet yesterday and he will began another treatment of antibiotics today, she is adding an extra wks dosage in hopes we can get this all cleared up. We are also going to change his food at this time. She suggested trying lamb, salmon, duck, etc, something without chicken or beef, being that's the protein most dogs are allergic to. After a lot of research (been thinking of changing his food for some time now, I was just waiting until he turned 1), I'm going to try duck Zignature brand as it's grain free and also has no potato, which can lead to yeast problems. His only treats are frozen greek yogurt (every morning), frozen pure pumpkin (on occasion), and coconut oil (every day). I also plan on adding raw (freeze dried) to his diet, 3x a wk, but not all at once. Hope this helps!

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