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Thread: Feeding blue buffalo- wilderness. Dealing with gas

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    Unhappy Feeding blue buffalo- wilderness. Dealing with gas

    I have adopted my first bulldog from a friend of mine. He is a five-year-old intact male.
    He's wonderful but there is an issue. I switched him from a presidents choice food to blue Buffalo and although his itching has subsided, he seems to have more gas. This is a salmon-based food.
    It is grain free, and his coat feels better but what can I do about the gas? I see a lot of people are using the Fromm food. Does it help with gas? Is blue buffalo a bad food for an old English bulldog?

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    Default Re: Feeding blue buffalo- wilderness. Dealing with gas

    You can look on the Home page for Bulldog Food and Nutrition. You can see all the ratings for dog food. If he is doing well on this food, you could try giving him some plain yogurt, either greek, or regular. My dogs get a big tablespoon or two, every night, and they almost never have gas. I use TOTW, but a lot of people do use Fromm.
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    Default Re: Feeding blue buffalo- wilderness. Dealing with gas

    Gas can be caused by many things. If he's not experiencing any other negative effects on the Blue Wilderness (good food, by the way) other than the gas, then I'd leave the food alone for now and try something else. Here are some of the things I would look for:

    1.) Is he eating/drinking too fast? This could cause lots of air coming through the mouth that has to exit somewhere. If yes, you can try slowing him down with a tennis ball in his bowl or some such tricks.

    2.) Is he clear of intestinal worms and such? If you're not sure, you can get the vet to check it out.

    3.) Is he having indigestion? Yogurt can help with this or any prebiotic or probiotic sources. You can also make sure he gets enough exercise and even take him on a short walk after he eats to keep his digestive system moving.

    If all these fails... then you can try switching food.

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    Default Re: Feeding blue buffalo- wilderness. Dealing with gas

    Is there any reason you chose the wilderness brand over the freedom brand? I have heard that the wilderness brand is best for working dogs who are highly active. Just curious as we are on freedom right now but also looked at wilderness. (both are grain free) I am also looking to switching my bully to a fish based food due to allergies. I'm interested to see how your guy progresses.

    I've used dog smog before for gas, a few sprays in the water bowl daily. It really seemed to help. I found it on amazon.

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