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Thread: have anyone try RC veterinary diet?

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    Default Re: have anyone try RC veterinary diet?

    I worked for a veterinarian for a long time who sold RC, but it was the veterinary blends, not the commercial blends. We had a lot of dogs with digestive, skin and joint issues that did really well on it. Those animals were in for specific reasons. I am a fan of their limited ingredient diets worked well for my cat.
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    Default Re: have anyone try RC veterinary diet?

    Yeast fungus loves fruit. So, if you're giving your dog fruit for snacks, yeast is jumping up and down for joy... Eliminate as much carbs and sugar as possible. That means - no fruit either.

    You can't really have a good basis for what your dog is reacting to if you have too many balls in the air. It may even be non-food related at all. Environmental allergies is a lot more prevalent than food allergies. Your first step is to take out anything your dog is ingesting outside from the kibble itself so that if your dog continues with the reaction, then you can say with more certainty that it is the kibble and not the treats.

    Raw feeding is good because you can get really specific in what goes in your dog's stomach so you can get really specific on what is not working out for him. But, if you don't know much about dog nutrition, this is not a good way to go... you could end up really hurting your dog. It takes quite a bit of research and knowing your dog's reactions to food to be able to do raw feeding successfully for the long term.

    A good in-between is to do an elimination diet using raw or homecooked food. This way you can have a good foundation of what proteins and fillers your dog can tolerate then you can find these ingredients in kibble.

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