ok im sorry im late but ive been without puter for a few days. what grain free food did you have her on? was it a limited ingredient diet? pro plan is not very good food but probably has nothing in it she is allergic to so it seems to be working and it probably is but is not good for long term health just read the ingredients. probably alot of corn and by product this and digest that. what do you have available can you order something or is it just petco or petsmart. nvi has several limited ingredients diets as does zignature and nutrisource. just protein and peas. i have also found with these things that making home made food to test for allergies has got me much farther with sarah than anything has even the allergy test. im not saying to not get it but allergies change over time sometimes. i started out with rice then brown rice then millet but you can do sweet potato or peas to test. finding your bullies protein they tolerate is the first thing to do imo. then work out from there. it seems that you have stuff for the skin issues but duoxo pads and duoxo ps shampoo are wonderful for these things. hot spots are bacteria and should be treated with things for bacteria. ok im always around if you need more help.