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Thread: Desperate For Allergy Relief - changing food again - need input

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    Default Re: Desperate For Allergy Relief - changing food again - need input

    Not sure how long you had him on the Fromme, but it takes about 8 weeks (without any other treats etc...) to rid the body of allergens etc.. from old food. That being said I swear by an Omega 3 Oil supplement for your pup. It is GREAT for their skin/coat (so soft now its crazy) and other things (arterial walls etc..), but I know it is what made all the difference to my dogs itchiness. I found Omega 3 oil recommended on many sites when searching for a cure for my own dogs ichiness, who both would scratch themselve bloody. Please try it, its absolultey fantastic. I am using Grizzly Salmon Oil (wild alaskan all natural), comes in a large pump bottle ($36 here in canada), last forever , sold at a regular pet store. I squirt 1 or 2 squirts on each meal. I will use until the day they die its awesome.
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