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Thread: Gluten does not equal grain

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    Default Gluten does not equal grain

    This question came up about Nature's Logic foods in a thread. The Nature's Logic RAW foods are grain-free as well as gluten-free. Our canned and dry foods are gluten-free. Gluten comes from wheat. There are other grains in some foods that do not create the same issues that some pets (and people) have with gluten. So a food can be gluten free and still have grain.

    Of course there are some foods that are completely grain-free, like our raw foods. Dogs and cats are not required to eat grain free. While they are predominantly carnivores, in the wild they eat their entire prey which includes the stomach and intestinal contents of the prey. This is often fruits, vegetables, and grains. This is why these other whole foods are included in our canned and dry formulas.
    Barbara at Nature's Logic

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    Default Re: Gluten does not equal grain

    Thank you @Nature's Logic , I know we had already discussed this but I thought it would be appropriate for you to answer this. I appreciate your input, as always.

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    Default Re: Gluten does not equal grain

    Vegas is on Grain and Gluten free, and is a new man!!

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