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Thread: Help with Puppy Nutrition and food, Please help!

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    Default Help with Puppy Nutrition and food, Please help!

    I am fairly new to this site, but we are getting an English Bulldog puppy in a few months. So i have been doing so much research and trying to knowledge myself like a MAD women, haha. I have read that English Bulldogs can have issues with allergies, yeast problems, and tear stains to name a few. I figured that i would just start the puppy out on the best of the best possible food and regimen i could. I want to start out on a grain free food/treats. I have looked into a few 6 star brands/types but wasnt sure which ones are okay for a young puppy. What brand/type do any of you recommend? I also read about using Apple Cider Vinegar in their water/food and also using it on their skin. Is this okay for a young puppy and how much? And what are your thoughts on the Apple Cider Vinegar? And i also read that giving them yogurt with their food is good too. Is there a certain brand/flavor that is better or even worse to give? I just want to try to nip things in the but early on and give our puppy the best possible healthy, happy, and long life i can! Any little tidbits and things to try or give to our puppy will greatly be appreciated! Thanks you so much!

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    Default Re: Help with Puppy Nutrition and food, Please help!

    Franklin is 6 months old an I use apple cider vinegar in his water everyday an I use it to wipe him down when I don't give him a bath he eats blue buffalo wilderness salmon I give him yogurt once in awhile an I have been doing this since I got him an that was at 10 weeks I also give him fruit as treats I give a tablespoon of ACV in their water every morning

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    Default Re: Help with Puppy Nutrition and food, Please help!

    Hi Rebecca,
    I used the blue diamond salmon..and the gas sent us running from the room. I have both my dogs on a raw food diet. You may want to check this out if you haven't already. It is owned by a vet and a nutritionist. The dogs fur is like silk and there is no stinky gas. I buy the food a month at a time and freeze it. For snacks I sometimes give them sweet potato or pumpkin, which is good for their stomachs. Or I make them easy doggy cookies with peanut butter and pumpkin puree. I also give them any leftover veggies from dinner and fruit sometimes...bananas, and melon. My little dog is 14 and acts like a puppy. He's been on the raw food for over two years and my English bulldog has been on it since may...she loves it.
    Good Luck and enjoy your little one.

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