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Thread: always hungry puppy

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazzy220 View Post
    I agree that Fromm puppy gold is a good food. You will find that a lot of bully owners on here recommend Fromm - it's very popular. I would stick with three times a day. Puppies are always hungry, and a lot of bulldogs you will find are always hungry. If they could learn to use the phone, every one of my bulldogs so far would have called and reported me to a relevant organisation against cruelty to animals, claiming that they are being mistreated, neglected and STARVED!!! Geez .. you'd think I never fed them at all the way they carry on! Bulldogs are the best at being drama queens!!!
    LOL so true! Penny woke up crying until I fed her this morning. It was 7:30 and I wanted to wait until 8, I gave in to her sobbing...

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    If Penny was given all the food she could want, she'd be a bully porker. Emma is 10 months now and you'd think she was starving. Wilson used to be like that too when he was younger now he's a slow eater. I agree with @Davidh too. Heck both Emma and Wilson had no choice but to go to twice at day feedings at 9 weeks due to my work schedule. I don't leave food in the crate for choking reasons. Penny's a cutie!
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