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Thread: Food allergy? Need help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelIV View Post
    Hi everyone philly's doin ok, his face is not as red as the other day, went to the new vet. He said it might be the weather and since he was fine when he saw the vet. The vet said to observe first for a couple of days with the food. And if the symptoms comes back give Benadryl and come back to him. Thanks again to everyone. Also the apple cider works better than the witch hazel.
    oh thats awsome. keep an eye out and keep us updated. i hope it is just the weather as fromm is a great food. these bullies are so sensitive you have to be a detective to figure things out.

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    Thank you guys, I will check on the blue buffalo. The vet gave Philly something Its a cream really don't know since my wife was the one who took him to the vet, he was quiet the whole day till tonite, played a little bit rough so he is on time out.
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