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This morning I put a few pieces of food on the ground to see Sophies reaction and she ate it, so I filled her bowl. She started to eat it, ate just a little, then started spitting it out a bit, then completely stopped. In my mind, she doesn't have the taste for it anymore. I also don't think it is an issue with her wanting treats instead or expecting people food. BUT, I could be wrong, I really can't be sure. BUT, it is not a regular thing with the people food or treats. She seems totally normal in every other way today, with playing, jumping around, chiming in when the other neighborhood dogs start a barkfest. She has gone up to her bowl a few times in passing to check it out, but walks away when she smells the stuff. I know she is hungry because there was a treat under my center island and she wiggled and crammed her way under to grab it and it is one of her least favorites. Not sure what my next step is. I have to honestly say that I don't want to give her the pill because she got so dry mouthed and blah seeming yesterday when I did. I guess I just don't know what to do next. My real question is how can I try a different food if I am to gradually switch over??
I am not familiar with that food, let's tag @cowsmom

You can change foods using bland diet. Give bland diet a couple of days then one day of half kibble half bland, then full kibble the next. Switching this way actually causes less of an upset tummy.

I am concerned. Maybe the bag of food is stale? You said it smelled bad right? I have gotten a bad bag of food before. I knew it immediately. Smelled funky! And my bullies never turned their nose up at anything before, but they would not eat it. I took it back to the store - they gave me a full refund.

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