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Thread: Nosy Neighbor

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    Default Re: Nosy Neighbor

    We feed raw too and when I read the canned horse meat I was thinking....well, it has to be full of preservatives to keep it fresh right? I would assume so since it's canned. I would say that most raw feeders are all about fresh or frozen meats and you won't see them going the canned route as it doesn't contain bone and I would think that poor little dog probably has constant runny poo.

    I would agree with what the other posters have said, best to stay away from that route. Just point out to your neighbor what the can says.

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    Default Re: Nosy Neighbor

    Quote Originally Posted by Davidh View Post
    Ya I think I'd tell him thanks but no thanks and then point out it is a supplement to there regular diet.
    this would be my course of action to. i could not be content until i knew if he was just supplementing this or if this was his dogs sole diet. then just let it go and hope he understands that its not for you.

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    Default Re: Nosy Neighbor

    I think I would handle it like @GatorRay said. I would go out of my way to see him again only this time I'd start the conversation with something like "I was reading that can and was wondering, since it's a supplement only, what else you were mixing it with".

    He may not know it's not really a whole food but he seems like the kind of guy to get offended of you point it out to him. This way you kind of flip the light switch on for him without hurting his feelings or getting into an argument.

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