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Thread: 21 Weeks old...Food Change Question

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    Ella has been on Taste of The Wild Puppy since I brought her home. Things have gone well on it I think other then a couple of issues I have noted:

    1. Her eyes get very bloodshot from time to time, but then go right back to normal...
    2. She POOPs A LOT!!! I mean a lot. She can go outside and make a huge poo pile, and then turn around come inside and do it again! (Wife loves this)
    3. She had one issue of what the vet called a hotspot on the side of her face. She dug at it until it got infected and had to have anti-b's. It popped up out of nowhere but is back to normal now.

    She is finally about out of food, so I was going to make the switch to Earthborn Great Plains. Would this be a decent time to do this?

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    well thats the thing with bullies and food finding what works. which puppy was she on? seems kinda similiar to the bison one but that doesnt mean she wont do good on it. lots of poop usually means shes not absorbing the food its going through her. its worth a shot or you can try the meadow feast one also. you want to leave at least 2 weeks to do a food change really with a bully. they can have sensitive to change in their diets. so its usually 1/4new 3/4 old for several days then 1/2new 1/2 old for several days then 3/4new 1/4 old for several days and then finally all in. good luck and keep us updated.

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    Default Re: 21 Weeks old...Food Change Question

    If you are almost out of food then you can use the bland diet as the filler with the new food for the switch. Chicken and rice or ground beef and rice, something like that. Def do it slowly over a 2 week period or so.

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    Oh, no I kept enough to mix the two for a couple of weeks. She was on the bison and venison puppy formula of TOTW.

    The consistency of the poop was good, just a lot of it, and she is def gaining weight and growing well. I will snap a photo of the spot on her face and post it up. It pretty much healed, but still mostly hairless since they shaved it down. I mean for all I know she could have gotten an insect bite or rubbed up on something and may have had nothing to do with the food, but I figured it was probably a good time to try something different since I think this is the right time to take her off puppy formula?
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    Yep now would be a good time to switch. Hot spots are usually caused by food, especially if they are on the neck behind their ears.

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