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@Lily122511 you can also put some neosporin (or a generic brand) on acne spots too!

Tonka is doing OK, we just started allergy shots so we will have to see how that goes. He did scratch his eye a little today so that was all red and boogery.

Just wanted to suggest that if the benadryl isn't helping you can try a new antihistamine too. They belong to different "classes" so Benadryl is in a different class of antihistamine than Claritan, for example. You can call your vet and he can give you the correct dosage of a new one if you want to try. Maybe look into Hydroxyzine, it's what Tonka's on and it's prescription only but as far as antihistamines go for severe allergies, it seems to be one of the types that works the best for a lot of dogs with bad allergies. Of all the ones we tried for Tonka, that seems to be the best for us.

Thanks for the info Meggs. What did the skin test say?